#opencpd is an innovative, accessible and evidence-based resource to support practitioners, organisations, policy-makers, researchers and the public better understand how to support young people’s health, wellbeing and engagement with sport. The website provide information on the research team’s core activities and our open access papers, resources and materials. 

Our Research

Young People, Social Media & Health

The project provides clear evidence of the ways in which adolescents both engage with and generate health-related content on social media, the impacts they report on their health-related knowledge, understanding and behaviours, and the need for relevant adults to become more digitally literate.

Social Media Use & Health Behaviours

This mixed methods study explored how social media use informs physical activity, diet-related behaviours and perceptions of quality of life, and assessed the contextual factors that drive social media use for health-related behaviour change in diverse groups. 

School Smartphone Policies 

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MOOCs and CPD 

Professional development has become increasingly digitised. The purpose of this project was to explore how participants learning was supported in 2 MOOCs in the field of physical education and youth sport coaching.

Fitbits in Schools

This project explored whether wearable fitness devices (i.e. Fitbits) influence adolescents' motivations for physical activity, and whether and how they should be used in schools and physical education to promote lifelong physical activity engagement. 

Mobile Health Apps

This exploratory study aimed to develop a novel evidence-base on how digital health technologies influence young people’s learning about health and wellbeing. 

Digital Literacy for Teachers

This project evaluated an online professional development course focused on developing teachers’ digital literacy. The course intended to help teachers better understand how to use the power of digital technologies in positive and informed ways to support, develop and improve young people’s learning, and their health and wellbeing.

Online CPD & Positive Youth Development

The purpose of this research was to design, implement, and evaluate a continuing professional development (CPD) program for physical education teachers to facilitate positive youth development (PYD) in physical education and school sport by establishing a collaborative and sustainable research network between Korea and UK.

Digital Age PE and Coaching

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Informing evidence-based professional education in health, physical activity and coaching.